Features And Benefits Of Using Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Features And Benefits Of Using Unmanaged Dedicated Server

unmanaged dedicated server

Dedicated web server is the physical part of hardware which is rented from a hosting service provider. This type of plan is measured best for people with sites that register a higher traffic rate. A few of important features which make it an amazing service contain the truth that it has it’s capability of own bandwidth, RAM, hard disk and processor. Therefore, in case you have a site, it is arranged on this plan providing you complete freedom to perform your business in a reliable and effective manner. One more amazing feature which makes this plan attractive is the truth that it permits to the user to install as well as run almost any type of program of their preference. It is mainly because of this reason that it is liked by most of the internet gamers’ websites.

There are more than a few benefits related with unmanaged dedicated server and it is just by finding them that it turns into feasible to decide if it is good for your requirements.


This type of plan lets the user to modify it to match exact needs. For this particular reason, one just pays for the services and features used. It even offers the chance to select an operating system which is well-matched with online applications run on your website. The crucial part though is the Cpanel that comes with this package. Preferably, it lets the user to have different domains as well as sites and they give ease of administration.


With this effective plan, you don’t need to share your connection with anyone else and for this possible reason; it provides a high level of consistency. In between the crucial factors to remember in a hosting plan is the speed of loading. In case there are some people utilizing similar connection, it is considerably decreased and as such, the company is even turns into affected. It is improved by the truth that you get special bandwidth.

Exclusive IP Address

With this type of package, you can get your own unique or exclusive IP address which points back to your personal or business website. It is not like with some other shared alternatives where some sites share same IP address. It even confirms that the requirement for a header-reading is removed. So, it eliminates the requirement to install any other software required to redirect your site traffic.

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